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Future Development

  1. The college is small in size and easy to adjust to changes in the environment.

The college only has four departments. Different from the others, the college focuses on quality by strengthening its unique features rather than rapid expansion by adding new disciplines.
  1.  The Departments in the College are all amenable to government economic development goals.
According to the White Paper of the Ministry of Economic Affairs , Taiwan needs human resources in e-production and business. This is exactly what the College is doing. In the past, the College has implemented several projects in this area commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Council of Labor Affairs.
  1. The College has a unique location in middle Taiwan , which is conducive to establishing industry linkages and alumni networking.
Tracing back to the University's predecessor, Chienkuo Commercial Junior College , the University has over 2,000 high achieving alumni. In addition, the University is located near the geographical center of Taiwan . The convenience in transportation provides industry employees in the area the opportunity of continuing their education. The college is currently implementing several commissioned projects with the government to offer various management courses. In the meantime, the College is planning to start a Master program and non-degree programs in Management for high-level managers of local industry.
  1.  Encourage the faculty members to pursue professional development.
In response to the demand for teaching and research after the School has become a University, the College provides incentives and assistance to encourage its faculty members to earn higher degrees in Taiwan or overseas.