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College Introduction

  The College of Management can be tracked back to 1965 when the Chienkuo Technology University was a privately owned ‘Chienkuo Business Vocational School’. There were five teaching areas: Business Management, Accounting, International Trade, broadcasting, and Banking and Insurance. In 1974, the School was restructured as ‘Chienkuo Industrial Vocational School’ which emphasized technical teaching areas. In 1991, a new teaching area, Industrial and Engineering Management was established. In 1992, the School was renamed as ‘Chienkuo Industrial and Business Vocational School’. At the same time, the teaching area, Informational Processing, was established, which was later renamed as Information Management in 1994. In 1999, the School was renamed as ‘Chienkuo Technology College’. In 2001, a new teaching area, International Business Administration’ was established. In 2003, ‘Business and Management Group’ was established which is the predecessor of the current College of Management. The College includes three departments: International Business Administration, Information Management, and Industrial and Engineering Management.